LICS Continuous Learning Initiative

As part of our commitment to education, the Continuous Learning Initiative was established to address the huge shift in the way we teach students while preserving the traditions that we are known for. Excellence through tradition and innovation.

Student Tasks

When Metro Manila was placed under quarantine last March, we continued posting lessons and exercises for our students so they can keep learning while staying indoors.

  • For Preschool to Grade 10, the submission of the Student Tasks is optional.
  • For Senior High School students, the Student Tasks will be included in their grade computations.

If you are unable to submit your Student Tasks via the method below, do not worry. Contact the Office of Student Affairs and they will be more than happy to help you find a way.

Students may go to LICS Education portal > Student Tasks to download the files if they have not already done so.

How to submit your Student Tasks.

Be Prepared!

Primarily for Senior High School students (but students from other grade levels may opt to do this as well):

For retrieval of tangible tasks such as artwork, essays written on paper, graphic organizers, and any other tasks that are not typewritten.

Take a picture of your student tasks and save them as .jpg or .png format.

Step 1: The Correct Filename

To make it easier for your teachers to identify your work, rename it by subject and add your Student ID number at the end of the filename for everything you are going to submit.

For example: Juan’s Student ID number is 010142

Refer to Image 1a and 1b.

Image 1a
Image 1b
Step 2: Zip Your Files

Place your Student Task files inside a zip file. This will compress the files to make it easier and faster to send.

To do this:

  1. Select all the files you will send.
  2. Right-click on the files, choose Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder.


Make sure to rename the zip file as follows: [Your grade level]-student-tasks-[your Student ID Number]  See image 2.

For example:

Image 2
Step 3: Get Readyyyy To Email!

Now, it’s time to email your Student Tasks to us.

Open Gmail (or any email / webmail service) and click on Compose (to write a new email).

In the TO (or Recipient): field, refer to the chart below for the email address of your grade level.

See Image 3a and 3b.

Image 3a
Image 3b
Grade Level Email Addresses

Preschool (PN, N, K1 & K2) –

Grade 1 –

Grade 2 –

Grade 3 –

Grade 4 –

Grade 5 –

Grade 6 –

Grade 7 –

Grade 8 –

Grade 9 –

Grade 10 –

Grade 11 –

Grade 12 –

Step 4: Subject Is Important

In the  SUBJECT: field, use the following format:

[Your Student ID Number] [Your Last Name, First Name]

Example: 010142 Dela Cruz, Juan

You may write a brief message regarding your submission.

See Image 4.

Image 4
Step 5: Don’t Get Too Attached

It’s time to attach your Student Task zip file.

To do this in Gmail, click on the paperclip icon at the bottom.

A new window will pop-up. See Image 5a.

Find and select your Student Task zip file and click on Open to upload your file. See Image 5b.

Your Student Task zip file is now attached to your email.

Image 5a
Image 5b
Step 6: Double-Check And Send

Double check your email details. Make sure your Student Task zip file is included. See Image 6a.

Once you’re sure everything’s in order, press SEND. You will get a notification that your email was sent. See Image 6b.

Image 6a
Image 6b

That's it! You're done!