Reminder: 2-Step Verification

As stated in the email containing student login details, the one-month window to enable the 2-Step Verification (2SV) for student accounts is almost up. Accounts that have not enabled their 2SV will no longer be able to log in after the one-month window has expired. (NOTE: The countdown timer started after the first successful login) […]

Schedule of Events

For those who have not yet received their Orientation Schedule, they may visit the Student Resources > Student Schedule page from the navigation menu. You may also click here.

Test Broadcast Starts Today

Please check your LICS email for your assigned schedule. The teachers sent out Classroom invitations to your mailboxes. Clicking Join will take you to your assigned Classroom. From there, you can click on the Meet link to join the video class. Make sure you are logged in using your school account.

Please check your LICS mailbox.

Greetings! The link to the Orientation Video and a copy of the Schedule for Orientation Week was emailed to your LICS mailbox. To view the video, you or your parents/guardian have to be logged in to your school account.

Connecting for the 1st Time

A new section was added to assist parents and students when they are trying to access their GSE account for the first time. Please follow this link or the navigation menu Student Resources > Connecting For The First Time.

Delivery of the Orientation & Schedule

On Monday, the Orientation Video and the Schedule will be sent to your child’s mailbox. Please log in to your child’s account to access the video link.

Resolved Server Issues

Our service provider has informed us that we should be getting full functionality to all servers linked to and her subdomains in the next few hours. You may resend any previously sent emails that have bounced.

More Ways To Get In Touch

The Office of Student Affairs and the Admissions Office can be reached through the following: Globe: 0915-361-1622Smart: 0908-656-0119 For accounts and payment inquiries, you may contact the Accounting Department through the following numbers: Globe: 0915-901-5380Smart: 0961-497-3513 For the Registrar’s Office, you may call or send messages to the following numbers: Globe: 0915-901-5375Smart: 0961-497-3514

AY 2020-2021 Assessments Update

AY 2020-2021 Assessment Forms emails for Preschool to Grade 10 have been sent out. Please expect to receive two emails: a Primer and one containing your child’s Assessment Form. AY 2020-2021 Assessment Forms for Grade 11 and Grade 12 will be sent next.

Report Card Update

The first batch of report cards for Preschool to Grade 10 has been sent via email to students with cleared accounts as of May 31. For accounts that were updated and cleared last June, please expect an email in the next few days. The report cards are in PDF format and include only the grade […]