La Immaculada Concepcion School

Terms and Conditions

Rev.: 2023-03-23

By enrolling/re-enrolling your child in La Immaculada Concepcion, you and your child agree to abide by all school rules and regulations.

Only students without back accounts / unpaid fees can enroll/re-enroll. No student records or any other form of documentation will be released to a student/parent/authorized guardian with back accounts.

The student can only attend classes if all assessed fees are paid in full. There will be penalties and surcharges for late payments. Kindly keep your child’s account updated.

Any payments made will be automatically credited to any major unpaid accounts of the student before any other payables.


To deduct the Reservation Fee, you must enroll on or before your scheduled enrollment date through the full payment of assessed fees. Otherwise, it will be forfeited in favor of the school. The Reservation Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Full payment of all assessed school fees is a prerequisite for enrollment to be considered official. The following payment methods are available: Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly. 

The parent’s timely payment of school fees, according to the schedule provided for each payment method, is an essential element in enabling the school to meet its financial obligations like salaries, utilities, school development project funding, and other expenditures. There will be a penalty for payments made past their due dates. The penalty for late payment is P300.00 per month for each scheduled payment. (Ex. M3, M4, Q2, Q3)

For example: Paying Month 2 or M2 four (4) months after the due date, the penalty for late payment is: P300.00 x 4 = P1,200.00.

Note: This is in addition to other payment periods with separate late payment penalties. In the example above, the late penalties for M2, M3, M4, and M5 will be computed separately and added to get the total late penalty fee.

Suppose a parent/guardian/student fails to pay according to schedule. In that case, the parent/guardian/student will be charged a penalty fee for each late/delayed payment according to the type of payment method. The date on the validated deposit slip or the school’s official receipt (OR) will be considered the official payment date. The accumulated amount will also be charged interest at the end of the academic year (6% compounded annually)  until the arrears have been paid.


  1. 10% will be withheld if the student withdraws on the first week of classes.
  2. 20% will be withheld if the student withdraws on the second week of classes.
  3. No Refund will be given if the student withdraws after the second week of classes, and said student will be charged in full for all school fees for the entire academic year. The day of submission of a duly signed written letter requesting for withdrawal to the Board of Admissions from the parent/guardian shall be considered the date of withdrawal. Verbal notifications will not be honored.

For numbers 1 & 2, upon the final and sole determination of the Cashier’s Office, only payments that have not yet been applied for may be refunded.

Suppose the student continues attending classes after the duration outlined in this withdrawal and refund policy. In that case, the student/parent/guardian expressly states their desire to remain in the school for the entire academic year. As such, all fees will be due and payable. If the student withdraws for whichever reason or because of a violation of school rules and regulations, the student shall still be required to pay the assessed fees in their entirety.

Refunds will only be issued to the parent/authorized guardian on record. In the case of check payment, the refund will only be issued to the principal signer of the check.

Refunds will only be dispensed solely through checks. No requests for cash payments or any other mode will be entertained.


It is important to keep the contact information of the parent/guardian up-to-date with the Office of Student Affairs and the Accounting Department.

Statements of Accounts will be sent to the student’s email and the parent/guardian’s email we have on record, and a printed copy will be given to the student. However, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to keep track of the payment amounts and due dates.


Some policies may be subject to change to address the current national and local health regulations covering educational institutions. Please visit the school’s website regularly.

ver. 2023-03-23